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 00.00: The Broadsheet

 01.00: Musical Memories

 02.00: NEO

 03.00: Happy Hour

 04.00: The Broadsheet

 05.00: Musical Memories

 06.00: NEO

 07.00: Happy Hour

 08.00: The Broadsheet

 09.00: Musical Memories

 10.00: NEO

 11.00: Happy Hour

 12.00: The Broadsheet

 13.00: Musical Memories

 14.00: NEO

 15.00: Happy Hour

 16.00: The Broadsheet

 17.00: Musical Memories

 18.00: NEO

 19.00: Happy Hour

 20.00: The Broadsheet

 21.00: Musical Memories

 22.00: NEO

 23.00: Happy Hour

Ian Bellion’s HAPPY HOUR

Things you never knew, things you never wanted to know all served up with a twist and (sometimes) a shout. Lovely music and lively local banter. Put your feet up, pour a soothing beverage and relax…                                      

TODAY: Coffee with Yam Yams NEW

Let’s have coffee with Doreen from Dudley and Michael from Portillo. Let’s dance with Carlos and enjoy ectoplasm with Elvira… and let’s get hairy with Mr Hyde and seek the best strippers in Stratford. A packed 60 minutes of exotica!

Listen Live at 3am; 7am; 11am; 3pm; 7pm; 11pm or

ON DEMAND     Updates weekly on Mondays.


Colin plays and chats about music and remembers broadcasts of yesteryear. Tune in your cat’s whisker or your trannie and enjoy!

TODAY: Colin’s Golden Tunes       

Music you’d forgotten that you loved. Pull on those winkle pickers and get those toes tapping to Mr James’ latest selections…

Listen Live at 1am; 5am; 9am; 1pm; 5pm; 9am or


NEO with Thea Matthews

Thea Matthews presents the best in new music from here in the Midlands - and beyond.

TODAY: NEO in September    

Thea chats to Michael, the owner of the Big Comfy Bookshop in Coventry, about his sell out acoustic music nights and his venture in to music management. There's also tracks from Derbyshire duo Shy Luv, Wolverhampton's Tehillah Henry and the debut single from Boney-M's niece Taliwhoah.

Listen Live at 2am; 6am; 10am; 2pm; 6pm; 10pm or


CURRENT PROGRAMMES ON DEMAND Just click on one of these buttons The programme will play  on your default media player Broadsheet Musical Memories NEO Happy Hour For PAST PROGRAMMES & SPECIAL FEATURES Click on the ON DEMAND button ON DEMAND
mastering service

Stuart Knowles presents a regular programme of stories and news, features and views. NEW

TODAY: Speeding, Shoeboxes and political shenanigans We put the new VAS cameras to the test. Do they work? We also examine the driving skills of our presenters. The 2017 Shoebox appeal is launched we find out the effect our generosity can have on young lives overseas. Our MP gives us her views on Brexit and we look at fundraising for Morogoro

Listen Live at midnight; 4am; 8am; 12pm; 4pm; 8pm or



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