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with Ian Bellion

A weekly dose of things you never knew, things you never wanted to know - all served up with a twist and (sometimes) a shout. Lovely music and lively local banter. Put your feet up, pour a soothing beverage and relax… 
There’s a new edition every Monday  


Are you confused? Well you're not the only one. Somebody's been silly with signs in these parts, there’s a few musical things going on, a Punjabi wedding caper, the Wolf’s on the run in Brum and there a few comic turns nearby…and we’ll remember a couple of starry folk who’ve recently left the building

There’s a selection of past editions of “Happy Hour” available to listen to - just click the button to be taken to our ON DEMAND page.

You can hear this programme Live at 3am; 7am; 11am; 3pm; 7pm; 11pm or click the button to listen NOW! 

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