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with Ian Bellion

A weekly dose of things you never knew, things you never wanted to know - all served up with a twist and (sometimes) a shout. Lovely music and lively local banter. Put your feet up, pour a soothing beverage and relax… 
There’s a new edition every Monday  


This week we shall have things to say about the scrooges in town halls and those in high places who behave like spoilt children. We've also got a van full of books, a clutch of musicals, a couple of large musical ensembles and a breakfast on an industrial scale… let the good times roll!

There’s a selection of past editions of “Happy Hour” available to listen to - just click the button to be taken to our ON DEMAND page.

You can hear this programme Live at 3am; 7am; 11am; 3pm; 7pm; 11pm or click the button to listen NOW! 

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