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This week’s word is: EVEN MORE UNIQUE

Another UNIQUE programme even more unique than the two that went before - full of tracks with titles that are unique. It's rather reassuring to know that titles like Boom Bang-a-bang and Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep have only been used once - and as for All Black and Hairy... that could be a case of once is too much!

with Colin James

Colin delves into decades of discs to pull out an intriguing selection all containing the Word of The Week…


There's a new edition every Monday

You can hear this programme Live at 1am; 5am; 9am; 1pm; 5pm; 9pm or click the button to listen NOW! 

Colin will gladly play a track just for you. His record library is vast and he loves a challenge! Just email him at


There’s a selection of past editions of Colin's programmes available to listen to - just click the button to be taken to our ON DEMAND page.

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