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Ian has worked in broadcasting since the world began. For years the voice of “disgusted of Tunbridge Wells” on BBC Points of View, he’s worked on both sides of the microphone and camera, is an actor and playwright and currently works as a voiceover artist. Known up and down the land for his cheerful catch phrase “I’m off to the pub”.
Ian produces and presents his weekly “Happy Hour”, reports on goings on and looks after Swansbrook’s website.


Dr.Paul is the caring voice of Swansbrook. Known for his work with bees and a love of big cigars. Dr Paul is constantly on the move and will be reporting from exotic locations throughout the Shire. If it’s touchy feely Dr Paul will be there touching it and feeling it and if it needs probing Dr Paul’s probe will be primed. It’s not clear what sort of Doctor he is but It’s widely believed that he has an ology of some sort.
Paul presents and produces “In Conversation” as well as special events and large projects


Born in 1944, Colin came through the birth of ‘Pop’ , starting with Rock’n’Roll, as we know it. He made his first broadcast in December of 1964 on Radio City, a pirate station and later in 1970 joined BBC Radio Medway (later Kent), being their ‘first guest DJ’. Colin now brings his vast experience and musical knowledge to Swansbrook.
Colin produces and presents his “Just One Word” programmes airing daily on Swansbrook.

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Chris is a native of Solihull but came to the calmer waters of Feckenham in 2006. She was a lead presenter on the experimental FM broadcasts we made under our former name of W.A.K.E FM.
She’s an experienced chorister having sung with the London Hospitals combined choirs in the Albert Hall and Festival Hall when she was working at Great Ormond Street in the 70’s - this, combined with her encyclopaedic knowledge of “serious” music makes Chris the ideal producer/presenter for our “Classical Swansbrook” show.


Kathy Gee brings dignity to the airwaves with her reports from cultural meccas and artistic shrines. Kathy is our continuity announcer and uses her poetic skills to raise the tone of our output. Recently honoured, Dame Kathy will be first on heir when King Charles is crowned… Kathy is our Head of Archiving and referee in times of squabbles.


Our newest recruit! Laura moved to Feckenham in 2022 and spotted Swansbrook straightaway. She's no stranger to microphones having a career in events management and a degree in Popular Music. Laura will be hosting her own regular show very soon.


Carol’s our Bradley Green and Droitwich correspondent. She’s a member of two local choirs and is involved with Arts organisations in the area. Carol contributes items to The Broadsheet and Happy Hour as well as working on special projects and investigations.


Stuart was taken from us very suddenly in August 2020. His was the creative mind that brought this station  into being  - his enthusiasm and vision drove us to make a dream a reality.

Stuart learned all about Broadcasting at the BBC and was a top reporter with a number of national stations before returning to his original career in law -  our very own legal eagle. Stuart presented and produced “The Broadsheet” and “In Conversation” as well as coordinating the station’s factual output and organising the schedules. We miss his friendship, leadership, his ebullient personality and his boundless enthusiasm.

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